Non-Emergency Transport

When you think of an ambulance, what comes to mind…lights & sirens? Noga ambulance provides more than just excellent emergency care. When you or your family needs compassionate, reliable, competent, medical transportation. Noga ambulance professionals are standing-by to meet your needs. We provide safe, dependable, transport to facilities, such as…

  • Dialysis Centers
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Personal Care Homes
  • Specialized Medical Clinics

Dealing with insurance companies, Medicare/Medicaid can be confusing and stressful. For non-emergency transport by ambulance insurance companies need a lot of paperwork.  Our expert dispatchers and billing staff are ready to assist you. We can scheduling your transports, ensuring all the proper paperwork is complete. Click on our Billing Page for more information.

Healthcare providers download a Certificate of Medical Necessity on our Facility Transport Information page.