Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request the ambulance service I prefer?

Yes…When you call 911, you can REQUEST Noga Ambulance to respond to your emergency. Or dial direct at (724) 652-6677 or (724) 752-1111.

Can I request an ambulance for an out-of-town transport?

Yes… our service can transport a patient to an out-of-town facility  via ambulance or wheelchair van. See our services tab for descriptions of our transportation methods.

Will Noga transport me from out-of-town?

As long as the transport starts or ends in PA we can provide you with the medical transport services you need. We have transported patients from New York City, Indiana, Michigan,  South Carolina, and other areas. We are always looking for new adventures.

How do I set up a medical transport?

You can call our dispatchers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to set up a medical transport at (724) 652-6677.

Will having a Noga Ambulance Membership benefit me and my family?

Yes… Depending on the plan you choose our membership programs ensures limited out of pocket expenses for you and your family during an emergency and non-emergency ambulance transports when medically necessary and approved. Get more information by clicking on our membership page or  contact our business office to set up your membership today by calling… (724) 652-8300.